5 Reasons to Become an Artist5 reasons you should become a SEINT Beauty Artist!
1. 20-40% cash back on every sale you make.
2. No need to buy inventory!
3. No previous makeup training required.
4. Ongoing support from an incredible team.
5. Sell something that you can stand behind.

SEINT products are very high quality (without the price tag) and made in the USA-cruelty free of course

Seint Artist Program FAQ
If you have been following me on instagram, you will have seen that as of late January 2021, I took the leap and decided to join Seint, a direct sales company. Now for me this was a huge deal because I was someone who always swore off any type of business like this. What are also know as MLMs, I had such a bad taste in my mouth after receiving countless cold and disingenuous messages, hearing it all was a pyramid scheme and structure designed designed to trick stay at home moms into investing money with no return.

So what changed my mind? Well for starters the product! I gave it a try and let me tell you, in the very first application I was hooked. It just went on so great, looked 10x better than my old routine, was way more affordable, and was just so easy & quick to apply! The second thing to sway me was as a instagram influencer, I was getting tired of busting my butt sharing links, joining affiliate programs, trying to land brand deals with little to no return. And on top of that, to be frank, I didn’t like not having control of how I showed the products. I wanted to be in charge of when and how often I showed the product. I wanted the creative freedom and ability to put in however much effort I wanted.

And then lastly, the third and final detail to nail home my decision to join Seint was everything below, that I have broken down. These were all of the questions I asked myself before joining and now, 3 months in, can vouch for each and every one of them. So take a look below at some of the most FAQ’s:

Are there monthly minimums? Nope! There are no monthly minimums/requirements or yearly activation fees. The only fee that does exist is an $11 monthly payment to hold your personalized website through Seint, which is what your clients purchase through.

Do you carry any inventory? None. It’s against company policies to carry any sort of inventory to sell to customers. The only makeup we carry is our own & that from our kit for outside makeovers!

Do I have to be a makeup artist? Nope! Not only will you be coached & mentored by me, you’ll also have access to tons of free resources & trainings to help you succeed. When you join me, you will learn social media, leadership skills, color matching, technical skills, have access to coaching from top earners & so much more.

Do I need to have a big social media following? NOT AT ALL! You can totally be successful at this business & not even show your face on Instagram or facebook if that’s not your jam. There is ZERO COLD MESSAGING, NO PUSHINESS, NO PRESSURING. The makeup speaks for itself, trust me. Wear it and people will start asking questions!

Do I have to build a team? Only if you want to. This business and how you build it is entirely up to you! While there is potential to earn a small percentage of commission based on added teammates, you are still required to hit your personal quotas to even see that perk and most importantly, the main bulk of your income will always be from your individual sales! So in other words, this can be how you want it. Feel the pull to lead and have others join in on the fun, awesome! But if not, thats great too! Either way, you’re winning!

Isn’t it too saturated? Couldn’t be more opposite! In fact, because this company is just getting off the ground, the potential for growth is massive! Take a look below to see a snapshot of how the U.S. looks now:

What’s the compensation plan? You can view & download that HERE.
How do I get paid? Yesss lets get to the good stuff shall we? For every sale you earn a MINIMUM of 20% commissions with the potential to earn up to 40%. We get paid 5 times a month – every Friday & on the 10th with our bonus checks!

How much to get started? There are 2 kits available to enroll with. There is a basic artist kit and a premium artist kit (listed below). I personally recommend going with the basic. Why? Because the tins you will get are at random. They may be a match to you but they may not. If you don’t already previously have your own personalized shades, I would recommend getting color matched first and having your own basic pallet to kick you off until you A) get your kit and B) earn enough commission along with store credit to build your collection.

Basic Kit – $199
Premium Kit – $399

Is this a pyramid scheme? Okay, like I said above this was one of my biggest questions because well, there have been horror stories and I don’t want anything to do with that! So short answer, no. As I’m sure you know, pyramid schemes are illegal. Long answer, a pyramid scheme is a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the business rather than supplying investments or products. I’m happy to say that SEINT doesn’t offer bonuses just for signing up a new artist AND we do in fact sell products. I dont make anything off your purchase on either artist kit, and like I said above while it is possible to earn a very small commission (2-5%) off of your downlines, that is only if you yourself put in your own work. And even then, that won’t change the game for you. Your main hub of earning will be from your own sales, not from your team. So with that, Seint is not a pyramid scheme. In fact, not all MLM’s are pyramid schemes. It’s just a structure not many are familiar with & if they are, it’s due to the companies and members that did it the wrong way. Honestly, we just want to share great makeup and make you feel your best. Not cheat you!

So with all of this being said, if you too are feeling how I did and are tired of barely collecting pennies for all your hard work, exhausted from putting in all the work with no return, or even emptying your wallet buying clothes & products hoping to catch the attention of the brand you bought them from to maybe land a brand deal….trust me when I say there is a different and much easier and way more fun way to do it! Trust me, I am so thrilled to have joined and would love to have you on board to share in it!

Have more questions? Feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected]. I would love to chat and tell you more about it all!